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Case: Iron Mountain Mine, CA

Date of incidents: 1860s through 1963.

Location:Iron Mountain Mine, Shasta County, California.


Case status: Settled December 8, 2000. In restoration.

Overview: From the 1860s through 1963, Iron Mountain Mine (IMM) in Shasta County, California, was periodically mined for iron, silver, gold, copper, zinc, and pyrite. Though mining operations were discontinued in 1963, underground mine workings, waste rock dumps, piles of mine tailings, and an open mine pit still remain at the site and continue to produce acid mine drainage that enters local streams, reservoirs, and the Sacramento River. Historic records describe numerous cases of adult salmon and steelhead mortality beginning shortly after mining activity began, with salmon kills reported as early as 1899-1900. The trustees are developing a restoration plan that identifies restoration actions for injured resources found between Keswick Reservoir and Red Bluff Diversion Dam.

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