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Case: Command Oil Spill, CA

The trustees reached a settlement with Pearl Shipping Corporation and Anax International Agencies, Inc. (the responsible parties) for natural resource damages. Pursuant to the consent decree, dated December 13,1999, the responsible parties placed $5,518,000 into an interest bearing account. Of the total settlement, approximately $3,913,000 will be used to restore natural resources injured by the oil spill.

The trustees have committed to spending these funds for designing, implementating, obtaining permits for (as necessary), monitoring, and overseeing natural resource damage assessment restoration projects, and for the costs of conducting the restoration planning and implementation process. The trustees share joint responsibilities regarding the injured seabirds and habitat and lost human use, and they have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to conduct restoration.

Pursuant to the MOU, the trustees have released the Command Oil Spill Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment. The trustees will use approximately $2,850,000 to fund restoration projects benefiting seabirds, particularly common murres. Approximately $400,000 will be allocated for restoration projects benefiting marbled murrelets, and approximately $200,000 will be allocated for restoration projects benefiting shoreline habitat and human use. This allocation may be adjusted based on postsettlement assessment work to be completed as part of the restoration planning process.

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