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Restoration Activities
Case: American Trader, CA

Brown Pelican Roost Site Creation, Protection, and Enhancement Projects

Projects in this category will restore critical, nonbreeding pelican habitat by enhancing, creating, and protecting coastal roosts along the central California mainland. In 2004, the trustees began implementing a pilot cooperative project with the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge to enhance brown pelican roosting opportunities at the San Diego Bay saltworks. The trustees will be working with the refuge to develop and install artificial roosting sites for brown pelicans. Following the successful implementation of this pilot project, the trustees will explore other potential roosting habitats for enhancement.

Project Reports

Atlas of Brown Pelican Roost Sites-San Diego/Orange Counties, January 2009.

Atlas of Brown Pelican Roost Sites-Los Angeles/Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties, January 2009.

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendices C-E
Appendices F-H
Appendices I-L
Appendix M
Appendix N

Brown Pelican Roost Sites on the Mainland Coast of Southern California, January 2003.

Brown Pelican Night Roost Sites on the Southern California Coast, April 2003.

Disturbance to Brown Pelicans at Communal Roosts in Southern and Central California, October 2002.

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