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Case: Apex/Galveston Bay, TX

Date of incident: July 28, 1990.

Location: Galveston, Texas.


Overview: On July 28, 1990, the Greek tanker M/T SHINOUSSA collided with three barges carrying oil in Galveston Bay, Texas. At least 700,000 gallons of catalytic feed oil (partially refined crude) were discharged from two of the damaged barges. The spread of sheen and mousse in Galveston Bay was extensive, and some marsh areas were oiled. The Trustees agreed to a negotiated damage claim of $1.7 million with the Court formally entering the settlement in late 1994. After recovery of outstanding state and Federal trustee agency assessment costs, a total of $1.3 million remains available to address natural resource injuries.

After lengthy public meetings and deliberations of the Trustee Council four wetland restoration projects were identified, in the Galveston Bay area, and awarded funding from the settlement funds.

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