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Northeast Region

DARRP's Northeast Region covers Maine to Virginia and also includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. DARRP staff work with remedial agencies, co-trustees, and responsible parties to protect and restore NOAA trust resources injured by releases of hazardous materials and oil. These DARRP Web pages provide information on both current priority sites and selected past activities that are representative of the Program's accomplishments.

Download DARRP Priority Cases KML file. For more information on KMLs please visit the Open Geospatial Consortium Linking to a non-federal government web site. This link does not imply endorsement.

All priority cases are mapped. Featured cases are labeled and link directly to their specific case pages.


  • Priority cases are those cases that the DARRP program believes, within current budget constraints, are most important to address this year because they provide greatest potential benefit to natural resources in NOAA's trust. The map above depicts locations of all the Program's FY2014 Priority Cases.

  • Featured cases provide detailed information about current, or past, DARRP efforts including case history and contacts, remedial or injury assessment, restoration planning, and related technical documents.

Featured Cases


  GE Housatonic
  Lordship Point


  Athos Spill
  Bermuda Islander
  Dupont Newport
  Halby Chemical
  International Petroleum Corporation
  Koppers Company


  Chalk Point


  Buzzards Bay/Bouchard 120
  Charles George Landfill
  Irving Oil, Chelsea Creek
  Island End River
  New Bedford Harbor

New Jersey

  Athos Spill
  Berry's Creek Watershed
  Chevron Perth Amboy Facility
  Cold Spring Harbor Barge
  Conoco-Phillips Bayway
  Cornell-Dubilier Electronics, Inc.
  Exxon Bayway
  Hackensack River Study Area
  Kinder Morgan Sodium Hydroxide Spill
  Passaic River/Newark Bay
  Santa Clara

New York

  Applied Environmental Services (AES)
  Exxon Bayway
  Hudson River
  Liberty Industrial Finishing
  Mattiace Petrochemical
  Newtown Creek
  Saint Lawrence River/Alcoa/GM


  Athos Spill
  Metal Bank
  Presidente Rivera

Puerto Rico

  Barge Berman
Fortuna Reefer/OPA
T/V Margara

Rhode Island

  North Cape
  Rose Hill Landfill
  World Prodigy


  Anacostia River
  Cooperative Assessment Process

Look for case updates and new cases in the near future.

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