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Case: Halby Chemical, DE

Site history: Releases of hazardous substance began as early as 1948.

Location: Wilmington, Delaware.


Case status: Natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) restoration project area has been deeded to Delaware and the Consent Decree is being finalized.

Overview: The site includes an approximately 14-acre property in Wilmington, Delaware, on the west side of the Christina River immediately upstream of the Port of Wilmington. Site operations included production of thiocyanates, sulfides, hydrosulfides, and thioglycolates; and storage of pyrite ore, frequently containing arsenic and lead; and bulk storage of chemicals.

Wastes were stored in a 2-acre on-site lagoon which discharged into an adjacent tidal wetland which was connected to the Christina River/Delaware River via the Lobdell Canal. Operations began in 1948 and continued until 1998. Contaminated media include soils, subsurface soils, sediment, surface water, and groundwater, both on- and off-Site.

The site was placed on the National Priorities List in 1986. The Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study were completed in 1997. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Record of Decision was released in 1998. The Site was broken into two operable units. Remedial actions were begun in 1995 and completed in 2002. NOAA is currently working with the co-trustees and the Department of Justice to complete the NRDA process.

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